Stress, Depression, Anxiety must probably the most used words in today’s context. Thanks to the over-competitive atmosphere, adulterated food and progressively deterioratingmoral values. Unlike most disease, Stress affects people irrespective of their age. Even Young people early into their careers suffer from Stress. While there are Pharmaceutical offerings that cure stress, it still has a high degree of reoccurrence. This is one the main reasons why one should look beyond drugs and medicines to eliminate stress forever.

Yoga has its name from “yoke” which basically means “bring together”. Yoga is not just about an exercise regime for body, it a holistic approach where mind, body and soul are strengthened. One of the main reasons for Yoga being prescribed for Mental Trauma issues like Stress Depression lies in its ability to change the entire approach towards eternal happiness.

Yoga to overcome stress
Yoga to overcome stress

Although Yoga was originated with Hinduism, it is free to be practiced by anyone. This is also the reason why most of the terms have a Sanskrit connect. Yoga has specific type of exercises for specific parts of body as well as those which work in unison. These are broadly classified;

  • YAMA (domains of thought, speech and action)
  • NIYAMA (domains of thought, speech and action)
  • ASANA (Postures)
  • PRANNAYAMA (Reinforcing Vital Forces)
  • PRATYAAHARA (Introspection of Inner Self)
  • DHAARANA (Focus and Concentration)
  • DHYAANA (Meditation)
  • SAMADHI (Transcendental State of balance and deep spirituality)

For one to Master Yoga, one life time is not enough. However to realize its benefits at bodily level (which includes relief from Stress and Hyper-Tension) one has to focus on 3 of the above listed aspects.

ASANA –It deals with different postures which prove beneficial to both external and internal organs. Few postures are easy to start with, whereas few of them require diligent practice. Often, untreated stress shows up externally. They can range from simple skin disorder or Paralytic attack that leaves people numb forever. To overcome stress, one needs to take care of all three problem areas – Body, Mind and Soul. Asana’s ensure all your bodily parts remain flexible and supple.

PRANNAYAMA – Prannayama in Sanskrit means, “Extension of the life force” otherwise called Vital force. It involves breathing related techniques like deep breathing, Breath retention, alternate breathing. It has been medically proven that Regular practice of Prannayama, increases parasympathetic activity and lowers systolic blood pressure. They also lower respiratory rate and enable deep, yet calm breathing. This has been directly associated as a cure for Stress which increases blood pressure and respiration rates.

DHYAANA – Dhyaana is Sanskrit name for Meditation. The benefits of Meditation are humongous. Meditation is a practice through which one’s mind is voluntarily deprived of all worldly activities and concentrates on a null. In other words, Meditation is training the mind to lose consciousness on everything else yet remain conscious of being awake internally (Not to be confused with sleep). Stress usually aggravates at emotional level and Meditation is viewed as one of the best forms of treatment to highly stressed out people.

Apart from the detailed, the rest of the Yogic activities, too provide immense benefit against stress, tension and other emotional disorders. However their true benefits extend beyond a healthy, stress free life. Yoga is a Vedic wonder, an elixir of healthy, happy life, a true bounty India gave the word. No wonder, Yoga is often referred to as a way of life than a treatment.