Mandala Archive

24 Mar 2014

Oriental Healing Techniques Trough the Ages

Many forms of healing and exercise have stemmed from ancient oriental practices such as qigong, yoga, or the use of colorful geometric Mandala’s. If you have a crick in your neck, what works better for long term
10 Feb 2014

Drawing Mandalas – Snapshots of Your Soul

Mandalas are very popular these days, both buying the artwork and drawing mandalas yourself. The paintings that you buy are, if well-done, like a key that unlocks the spiritual dimension inside of you. But when you draw
7 Feb 2014

Gentle Reflection Using Mandalas

Through my years of experience mandalas have been a beautiful gentle way for people to get in touch with their subconscious and gain more clarity into what is happening within. Not only do they help you to
2 Feb 2014

The Mandala of Being

The Power of Awareness Any story you tell yourself about who you are, any belief you have, any feeling you are aware of, is only an object of your larger consciousness. You, in your essence, are always
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