Monthly Archive:: February 2014

27 Feb 2014

Pregnancy Exercises – Tai Chi

Every morning as you make your way to work, you pass a group of people standing in one place and moving their limbs in slow movement. How is that exercise, you wonder, since nothing vigorous is happening?
25 Feb 2014

Beginner Yoga Poses to Know and Love

If you are a yoga beginner, I’m sure you feel overwhelmed by the newness of the practice. Every pose, posture feels strange and slightly unfamiliar. Your yoga teacher and fellow yoga students all seem to know what
21 Feb 2014

Beginner Yoga Class Checklist

If you’re new to yoga, you might not know what to expect when you walk in the doors of a beginner’s yoga class for the first time. You might not even know how to start in choosing
19 Feb 2014

Yoga for Men – Improve Your Stamina – On the Mat and Between the Sheets

When most men think of yoga, they might conjure up images of guys in turbans with a loincloth attempting to put his foot behind his ear. Most yoga classes are filled with women but as their wives
16 Feb 2014

3 Popular Beginner Yoga Poses

Yoga and all of the yoga poses are a growing trend. Mainstream culture has grasped onto this and has formed it into an exercise of the mind, body, and soul for everyone. While it’s roots are certainly spiritual, the
13 Feb 2014

Starting a Yoga Practice

Yoga is the union of the mind, body and spirit expressed in motion, sound, meditation and community. This ancient practice of asanas (poses), meditation and gentle ritual will enrich your life and deepen your knowledge of your
12 Feb 2014

Four Meditation Techniques New Meditators Should Know to Help Their Meditation Voyage

Learning to meditate is one of the most important skills you can master and the sooner you learn to meditate the sooner you will gain more control over your life. Meditation in essence is about finding your
10 Feb 2014

Drawing Mandalas – Snapshots of Your Soul

Mandalas are very popular these days, both buying the artwork and drawing mandalas yourself. The paintings that you buy are, if well-done, like a key that unlocks the spiritual dimension inside of you. But when you draw
7 Feb 2014

Gentle Reflection Using Mandalas

Through my years of experience mandalas have been a beautiful gentle way for people to get in touch with their subconscious and gain more clarity into what is happening within. Not only do they help you to
3 Feb 2014

How to Meditate: 10 Meditation Techniques

Meditation Technique #1 Be Consistent Choose one time of day that you can easily work into your schedule. The benefit of meditating at the same time each day is that your biorhythms will naturally adjust to it as a
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